Everyone Breath, No 6-inch Heels Were Worn in a Disaster Zone

So of course when Donald and Melania Trump head off to see the damage done in Texas after the hurricane millions of us go absolutely insane, ‘HOW DARE SHE WEAR 6-INCH HEELS TO A DISASTER ZONE’, but guys…relax. She wore them while walking TO the plane BEFORE arriving in Texas.

I mean don’t get me wrong, of course if Melania actually did get off the plane in Texas in 6-inch heels and act as if she was ready to start helping victims affected by the disaster then there is A LOT of room for criticism…but she didn’t. How do we know she didn’t have to quickly rush from a meeting straight to the plane without even thinking to change her shoes? We don’t.


Believe me, I am in no way a Trump supporter but I’m also not a hater and that is why I can’t bring myself to roast someone about something that I don’t know a lot about and something so insignificant while things such as the actual disaster itself is going on. We don’t know her reasons behind deciding to wear the shoes and who knows, maybe she finds them comfortable to walk in. I know girls who would rather go out wearing a pair of heels all day and don’t hurt a bit. I also know girls who can’t bare to wear heels for longer than an hour – everyone feels differently.

ALTHOOOOOUGH, I do have to say…yeah Melania I got your back on the whole 6-inch heel thing, but changing into a crisp pair of Stan Smiths, clean white shirt and FLOTUS cap? COME ON GIRL I CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH! I gotta admit, that was pushing it a bit. It’s as if she went out shopping for a brand new ‘disaster attendance outfit’…whatever happened to chucking on any old pair of trainers and a top that isn’t gonna get dirty within seconds?

Trump Harvey


You know what though, just do you boo. I can understand totally tearing her apart if she didn’t even bother to go, but she did. Now lets let it go!



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