All American Girl

So this blog has been a lil MIA lately. Mainly because Ive been so busy preparing to come and do what this post is about…coming to ‘college’ in America!

So Ive just started my 3rd year of  university at Jefferson Uni (formerly ‘Philadelphia Uni’) where I’ll be staying for the first semester. The University is in Philadelphia which is only around an hour away from New York so is absolutely ideal for any type of fashion student.


So over here I’m majoring in Fashion Merchandising and I have to admit that I am loving every second of it here. The classes seem really interesting so far, the food is AMAZING (prepare for big fat Ems on my return) and the people are unbelievably nice! I would 100% recommend a semester abroad in the U.S to anyone. Although, it wasn’t easy to get here I have to admit. These are a few keys things I feel everyone should have at the top of their list when prepping to study in the U.S.A:

  •  SAVE SAVE SAVE! It’s not cheap to study here. Flights are expensive, you gotta get your visa and normally on a student visa you can’t work so having money saved up to spend makes the trip a lot more enjoyable. Also, when coming on exchange to a country thats so far away it’s easier to stay in the dorm rooms and sign up for a meal plan. These are both a lot more expensive than in the UK.


  • Try and get your I-20 form from your exchange uni as quick as possible. You can’t book your visa appointment without this and leaving everything to the last minute can be soooo stressful. 


  • Be interested in what classes you sign up for. The university system over here is completely different to the UK which I find might make it quite hard to fully get into the swing of the American way of working. Luckily I picked classes that I have a lot of interest in, so the work may be hard but at least I will find it interesting which might make it easier.


Good news is, once all the boring stuff of prepping to get here is over – AMERICAN COLEGE LIFE CAN FINALLY START YAY! I swear that it’s just like all the movies – there’s cheerleaders who cheer at the basketball games, greek sorority’s, frat houses, roommates and underage drinking at college parties (thank goodness I’m 21 tho!).

All in all, I think my favourite part so far has to be the weather. It’s been over 30 degrees everyday so far which for a Scot is 100% legs oot and taps aff weather.

Below is a few outfits pics and details.

Ciou for now!

E.A. X



Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.13.56 PM.png

Top: Topshop

Shorts: Primark

Fur Sliders: Puma Fenty



Top: Hollister

Shorts: Primark

Socks: Ellesse

Trainers: Adidas

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

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