Hi hi!

So last week I went down to London for a couple of days for one of my best friend’s birthday – was soooo good to see her and a few of my other friends who stay down there now…and it being in London was an added bonus!

I am absolutely obsessed with London and love having any excuse to catch a flight down. The last time I was in London was for my birthday in January which you can read about here. Although it’s a busy, congested city that takes bloody AGES to get around – it’s a breath of fresh air for me. Edinburgh is such a small city where everyone knows everyone so being able to get away to a city that is nearly 10 times bigger and be in a place where you hardly know anyone is a lot of fun.

The reason that London was the location for my friends bday celebrations was because she recently just moved down there – along with so many other of my friends…only 2 years ( feels like a lifetime!!!) to go before I’m free of Uni responsibility and can maybe think about moving down too, wooooooo!

So I flew down early Friday morning and we spent a lot of the day in Camden Market which is hands down one of the coolest places ever.



Wether it’s a fresh OJ, street sushi, a fake pair of Yeezy’s for a tenner or tattoo removal for a suspiciously good price, Camden has you covered. One cool shop I recommend visiting purely due to it being so mental is Cyberdog. So much neon and just crazy stuff. Could genuinely be a nightclub.

The whole kind of main reason we decided to go Camden was because I have been DREAMING about this hot chocolate I had seen all over Instagram. Please look and drool below.


LOVE OF MY ACTUAL LIFE!!! Needless to say it was beyond delicious and worth the queue. You can get these and a whole load of other sweet treats at Chin Chin Labs.

Overall an amazing time in London yet again. Can’t wait for the next visit!

P.S luckily for us it was a really sunny day, so dressing accordingly was allowed, yay! Outfit pics and details are below.

E.A. x




Sparkly Top: Zara, £7.99

Bralette: Gilly Hicks, £14

Trousers: Zara, £24.99

Shoes: Primark, £10

Watch: Olivia Burton, £70

Bag: Louis Vuitton

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