Belt Up

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their outfit is incomplete without a belt? I own soooo many belts for different outfits because I literally can’t face wearing a pair of jeans without one!

I’m so excited to show you guys the most recent addition to my collection – my new Christian Macleod belt. Christian Macleod is a Scottish designer that specialises in belts and it really shows because they’re all gorgeous and absolutely amazing quality.


CM have just launched a new line of initialised buckles and Christian was lovely enough to have one made for me so I could show it off to all you guys – take a peek below!



Now I’m one of those people who love having my name on ANYTHING I can possibly get my name on, so having my name of this belt buckle is just a bonus to how pretty it is and how many outfits it’ll go with!

The buckle and belt strap came separately. The initialised buckles are all around £120 and the belt strap is £70. Several different colours are available, take a look at them all on the Christian Macleod website.

I’m so pleased with this belt and can’t wait to incorporate it into different outfits that I wear. Outfit pictures & details of a recent one are below.




Bodysuit: Topshop, £22

Jeans: Hollister, £39

Heels: Public Desire, £25

Jacket: Topshop, £40

Bag: Zara, £89.99

Sunglasses: Quay Australia, £40.00

P.S – Yes Christian, it does fit 😉

E.A. x



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