Teenage Angst

Hi hi!

Ok so just a quick lil post to tell you about some of the new things I picked up recently. So H&M is a shop that I usually very rarely find myself in but the other day I went in for a look and I was STUNNED at how much cool stuff they have in right now!! Two of my favourite pieces that I bought from there was the long sleeved tee & denim skirt in the pic above.

Now Ive been looking for one of these Thrasher style tee’s for a while & H&M had this one for just £12.99 so I made sure I got all up in dat – same goes for the skirt, it was only £24.99!

At the moment I am obsessed with this raw, ripped denim look you’re seeing so much on jeans, skirts, shorts and pretty much the majority of denim in stores right now. Another thing I’m obsessed with (I know I completely overuse the word ‘obsessed’ but I swear I am obsessed ok 🙂 ) is anything with random writing on it. People who know me know that I am a sucker for those cringey t-shirts that say stuff like ‘good vibes’ and stuff. Two of my worst ones that I own have to be ‘no filter needed’ & ‘v. cute’…sorry but I love themmmm!!

That’s why I loved this skirt so much. Got that raw denim look going on and it’s sporting a few phrases – ‘no hard feelings’, ‘let’s misbehave’ and ‘I want everything’…yup keep the cringey bits of writing coming cos I LOVE IT! So with the skirt and the tee I wore my fave sunglasses, Puma trainers and Gucci Soho leather disco bag.

So if like me you sometimes like to dress like a 15 year old with a lot of teenage angst, get to H&M cos they have got it going onnnn at the moment.

Outfit pics and details below.

E.A. x




T-Shirt – H&M, £12.99

Skirt – H&M, £24.99

Trainers – Puma, £20

Sunglasses – £40

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