What Do You Wear to Uni?

So I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes getting up and going to uni, I am casual attire ALLLLLL the way. I have a ridiculous amount of cute little tops, skirts, different types of trousers, heels and boots…but when it’s uni I’m literally like ok GOODBYE 🙂 to all of these clothes lol. I just wanna be comfy!!

On the days that I actually make a 9am lecture I’ll usually just wear joggers and a baggy jumper if I’m being honest (usually so I’m prepped for rolling back into bed when I get home). Although when it’s like a 2pm and you don’t have the excuse of being too tired, I’ll usually wear something like the outfit below.



Nothing special but at the same time I don’t look as if I haven’t tried at all (but I’m bias cos it’s me lol). Jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of trainers sounds like the worlds most basic outfit but it can actually look quite cute depending on what type of jeans and colour of trainers and jacket etc.

Not only was this outfit comfy and 100% uni proof – it was the BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY!!! I got this pink puffa jacket from New Look for £20 and these suede Puma trainers for £21 – unreeeeeeal. Getting myself excited about the bargains just talking about them again.


I teamed the jacket and trainers with a pair of high waisted, black, super skinny jeans (Hollister, £39) – for the record I am a high waisted die hard. Low rise make me feel so uncomfortable! Anyone else got this problem? I just constantly feel like they’re falling down lol. Anywaaayy, I also wore a basic white tee (Hollister, £12), LV Bosphore backpack and my sunglasses (Quay Australia, £40). Sorry but, rain, sunshine or snow – I am NOT taking the glasses off. Unless it’s really rainy and I look ridiculous…then I might consider.

E.A x






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