Face Beat

Hi lovelies! As this is the first post of my ‘beauty’ section of the blog, I just HAD to dedicate it and give a shoutout to my favourite makeup artists – A&F Makeup.

Now usually I wear literally ZERO makeup, it’s just not for me. Girls who can pull of the heavy makeup look – I salute you, you all look absolutely amazing and I am very jealous that you have the skills to do your makeup so well! For me though, I just love having very minimal makeup on my face so I feel fresh and squeaky clean (and also because I am scarily obsessed with skin care products but thats another story). However, there are those nights where a beat face is a must need.

A&F Makeup are always my go to. They are two sisters who are Dundee based but will travel to Edinburgh, Glasgow, London etc. Go have a look on their website ->   A&F Makeup

Below is a recent makeup that was done on me (I was obsessed!!)


Although I don’t usually go for heavy makeup, the products that were used and the way that they were applied actually felt quite light on my skin. It was perfect for me and was just what I had asked for. The makeup lasted for the entire night and by the end of the night none of it had even budged, felt like I had just got it done! Not to mention how lovely the girls are – couldn’t recommend them more. An absolute must if you haven’t booked with them before.

E.A x

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