The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hey hey!

Ok so I know the title of this post will more than likely make you think about Christmas…but I’m talking about January. The reason being for this is because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH YAAAAY.

So my birthday was on the 15th and I don’t know why but I have always loved birthdays so much and I get soooo excited for mine every year. I was double excited for it this time because it was my 21st birthday eeeek!! I wanted to make sure my 21st was a good one so one of my best friends and I went down to London for a couple of days beforehand and then came back up to Edinburgh to continue to celebrate – anyone else try and make their birthday last for as long as possible btw? Cos I am soooo guilty of this lol. Forget birthdays, I have birthMONTHS. Anyway, we stayed in Soho when we were in London which was really cool cos theres so many vintage shops. There was one that I was completely obsessing over cos they had a tonne of retro Adidas, Puma, Levi’s and Moschino which I am sooo into atm. We also managed to make it to the new Missguided store which was siiiick to see in real life after seeing so many pictures of it on Instagram.

I think London is such a cool place and moving there for a while is definitely something I want to do when I’m finished uni. I moved houses a lot when I was growing up so I find myself getting bored of being in the same place for too long and I think when I moved out of my home to Edinburgh it added to my love for that scary but exciting feeling of being somewhere that you know absolutely nothing about. Like don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Edinburgh but I literally cannot wait to jump into the deep end and move somewhere completely new again.

The past couple of years that Ive not lived at home has meant that I’ve not been able to see my family on my birthday as it’s just way to difficult to fit in being able to get home in time with being back at uni and everything. This sucks soooo bad because I’m so close with mine so I always find myself getting really emosh at the unbelievably cute messages my mum and sister will send. However, luckily for me I have the best flatmates in the world and they helped make my birthday this year so special! I woke up in the morning and went to the living room to find that they had put up sooo many balloons and laid gifts out for me out on the table – best surprise ever! The fact that I also had the most BOMB cake from Bibi’s bakery in Edinburgh also made me a happy gal – can I get a hell yeeeehhh for red velvet!!

15977672_10211098801603316_73136924367039556_n   15936970_10211066925806441_1898927018515600138_o

My favourite gift that I got is 100% my Louis Vuitton Bosphore Backpack that I got from my parents. I am so unbelievably grateful for getting it because I kid you not – this has been my dream bag for literally YEARS. I’m pretty sure Ive worn it with every single outfit Ive worn ever since I got it because it honestly goes with everything!!

So that’s pretty much January of 2017 for me so far summed up. Ive put a few photos and details below of an outfit I wore the other day so you can see how amazingly beauts my bag is (sorry lol but Im obsessssssed).

Speak soon babies!!

EA. x





T-Shirt: Pull & Bear, £5.99

Jeans: Hollister, £39.00

Sunglasses: Quay Australia, £40.00

Shoes: Adidas, £74.99

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