Can I Be Excited For Christmas Now Pls?

Hiiiiii baes.

First things first – I am SO sorry this post is this late. I promised myself that I was gonna post on here at least once every month but it wasn’t until today that I realised that Ive let uni take over every aspect of my life. I’m currently attending Heriot Watt Uni studying Fashion Marketing & Retailing so Ive had absolutely no time to even sit down and chill for a sec!

Although I’m probably exaggerating – I think Ive done probably a bit too much chilling and thats why Ive found myself in this position lol. BUUUT, it has also got to do with the fact that my uni course is SO demanding, please don’t anyone believe that studying fashion is easy. I’m currently drowning in a massive pool of work which is reeeeally fun.

I’ll officially be done with semester 1 of my 2nd year on the 12th of December and I cant wait! Edinburgh looks sooo Christmassy right now with the market (as seen in the SICK pic  at the top of this post altho soz I cant take photo creds 😦 ) and its making me sad that I’m not allowed to relax and get excited about it all until Im done with uni…but fingers crossed I’ll power through my hand ins and exams and get my Christmas wish – AT LEAST 40% IN THESE MODULES SO I DON’T HAVE TO RESIT NEXT YEAR – PLEEEASE.

But anyway, before I was about 6ft deep in Uni work, I did something fun. I’m currently a new face model represented by Superior Model Management in Glasgow so I decided to do a photoshoot with an amazing photographer called Peter Jaay (Insta – @peter_jaay_photography) to update my portfolio. Couldn’t recommend this photographer to work with any more – such a lovely, professional guy and I am obsessed with the shots that we got!

This was just a quick lil update but I’ll 100% be more on time with the next post which will be a good one because I’ll have no uni and it’s closer to  January which means its my 21ST BIRTHDAY MONTH YAY!

Have a lil look at the shots I got from the photoshoot below.

  • EA. x









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