An Introduction

Hi! Ok so I’m really new to this blog thing and by ‘new’ I mean this is the first attempt at a blog that Ive ever made…but we all gotta start from the bottom sometimes.

I’ll let you know a little bit about me – I’m a 20 year old fashion student living in Edinburgh. I love fashion, my family, my friends, drinking, laughing…to be honest I just generally love having fun and all things positive!

I live with 4 of my best friends evaaa in a cute lil flat. I’d kill to live at home while being at uni to save some dolla’ and get my clothes washed on the daily by my lovely mum, but my family live all the way up in the Highlands of Scotland and it’s about a 4 hour journey for me to get home. So a daily commute to uni was just never on the cards for me!

Not living at home is by no manners of means a problem to me though – I love it and after 2 years and a bit not living at home I 100% don’t think I could ever move back! As crazy as it sounds, nothing beats staying up talking to your friends all night in your living room about the most random things, not realising the time and ending up making your dinner at 1am.

So the reason I decided to call this blog ‘EAeverday’ is because this blog is gonna be about Emily Audsley (me lol) everyday. My life, the clothes I wear, the things I do etc…I’m just hoping you think I’m at least a lil bit of the interesting person as I hope I am so you might want to keep up to date with me!

I plan to make a blog post at least every couple of weeks but I’ll most likely make an Instagram post (@emilyaudsley) to let y’all know when I’m updating this! Thats all from me until next time anyway. Below are some photos and details of the outfit I wore today to go out to lunch – take a peek!






T-shirt: Zara, £12.95

Skirt: Zara, £25.99

Bag: Zara, £89.99

Sunglasses: Quay Australia, £40.00

Choker: Primark, £1.00

Rings: Hollister, £4.99

Shoes: Adidas, £74.99

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